because of the nature of the chaotic changes the astral plane caused to Pal Tahrenor, the variety of sentient species on the planet has become extremely diverse. Mythological creatures have become a reality for the people, and the people themselves have been changed either through magic or cross-breeding.

No tally currently exists that encompasses all of the creatures on Pal Tahrenor, and new ones have a habit of appearing or becoming extinct for a variety of reasons. There are, however, a few major species that control large expanses of lands that they rule over with their own empires, laws and customs. Some information is provided here regarding those species.

Other Species and Creating Your Own

Many more species beyond those listed above can be found throughout Pal Tahrenor. We are open and accepting of other fantasy and mythical creatures as species, as long as a few simple rules are followed.

Firstly, your new species must be new. Dark-skinned elves, light-skinned elves, and nature-loving elves are all elves. Do not make a new species when your character falls into a larger species. Each species has various cultural differences in them and there is nothing wrong with a character who might have different beliefs than what is considered the norm.

Secondly, your species should be of your own creation if not one of mythical/religious origin. Please do not steal an original species from a copyrighted source and pass it off as your own.

Finally, your species and your creature must fit into our setting and be a well balanced character. We will not accept anything that is so insanely powerful that it is near impossible to stop, nor will we accept anything that doesn't fit with our setting and history. We accommodate new ideas, but we don't alter entire continents for just one person.

Other notes, please don't make a species just so that you could be the very last one. It's a lot of work to make a unique species and as much fun as it is to be the only one of your kind, it's more fun if others can adopt your species and play with it too. On the other side of the spectrum, please don't make your own species so numerous that they take over vast amounts of landmasses, at least not without consulting a member of staff first.