General Information

thar Shaddin is an online play-by-post role-playing game (PbP RPG), however it is more appropriately called cooperative or collaborative fiction. It's an interactive story in which writers collaborate to use their own characters in a unique medieval fantasy environment which is continually being developed and expanded.

We focus on writing quality and plot as well as creativity and having fun. That means a fair amount of reading is required to participate properly. You must also have some appreciation for grammar and spelling, although you don't need to be a professional writer.

This site is NOT for children and may contain writing of a violent or sexually explicit nature. It IS intended for anyone who is mature and wants to read, write, and otherwise contribute to a small but honest community. We wish to promote online diceless role-playing and separate writers who have an appreciation for literature from hack-and-slash, combat oriented roleplaying. Please feel free to check out our links section, as it represents the kind of communities being promoted.

imagine writing a novel together. Playing in Thar Shaddin is freeform, meaning it is done without dice and only a few strict rules about character interaction. The players write as though they are working cooperatively to create a story, and write only the parts that pertain to their character. Things players are allowed to write include their own character's actions, descriptions of the setting, and any sub-characters (known as NPCs or non-player-characters) that are needed. Players are NOT allowed to write actions for, assume any actions for, or kill other players unless they have permission.

If you have never done this kind of thing before, don't worry. Experience is not a requirement. Why not take a look at a sample and see if it makes sense.

You have the freedom to develop the world and setting as long as you build on the foundations that already exist. Anyone who sticks around long enough gets a lot of freedom and is encouraged to help develop the world by adding descriptions of areas, new regions, new races and even historical details. It is a collaborative project from beginning to end, and belongs to nobody.

Thar does not have a huge membership and it is likely to remain small. We can be a little strict and do not accept all the character applications we get (we don't allow everything). Since we're small, though, we're always looking for new people and we will do our best to accommodate you if you can write decently. We're specifically in need of anyone who wants to contribute to the development of the setting and wants to get deeply involved.

The moderators do not interfere unless requested or unless a dispute arises. There is no storyteller (or dungeon master) but the characters themselves provide their own plots, goals, and competition. Many players do organize their own plots, but we all have our own ways of doing so.

Because of the flexible nature of the rules, Thar Shaddin must be a cooperative endeavour to work properly. If you are here to compete, show off your character's powers or prove your superior role-playing fighting ability you will not fit in. Potential players will avoid or ignore you, and a moderator may talk to you. This is the single most important aspect of playing in Thar Shaddin. Characters can and do fight, but the writers must have a mutual understanding about what should be accomplished by the fight or it will get very lame very quickly.