Humans are the tough survivors of the Changers' War. Although they may initially appear to be a rather plain race in a world of other diverse and sentient beings, the humans represent the first race. Humans are surprisingly adaptive to circumstances and when united in a cause can overcome obstacles like no other. During the Changers' War, it was the humans who played the key role in shaping Pal Tahrenor with the massive destruction and return of the barrier between the astral and material planes. Humans still remain in control of the larger empires.

Being so adaptable, humans are able to acquire a wide variety of skills including magic, and although many humans are still born with no magical abilities at all, those who excel at the magical arts are indeed formidable mages. Many humans posses the blood of other races, such as elves, dwarves or even trolls and orcs (how such a child is created is not a story for children) and this tends to enhance further their abilities and diversity.

Unfortunately the advent of magic has stunted knowledge in the sciences for humans. They find it difficult to reconcile the strict laws of science with the seemingly arbitrary nature of the astral plane, and those humans who actually do posses detailed knowledge of the hard sciences are often seen as useless extremists with impractical views.

The natural lifespan of a human is the same as on our world. 70 to 90 years, depending on the individual.