The Play by Post Community

We aim to support the hobby of text based online roleplaying in general. If for some reason you don't like Thar Shaddin but you are looking for something similar (perhaps a different genre or setting) you should check out our links. All of these links should be to active roleplaying communities that we keep an eye on and that have met our writing standards.

Want your community listed here? Make a post in the advertisements section of the Thar Shaddin forums and specify that you're interested in this list. Your community must meet all the standards listed in our advertisements area and must promote link exchanges with other play-by-post forums.

Unicorns Visions - Friendly and all ages. A great place to start out.
Science Fiction
Star Army of Yamatai - Detailed space military setting and a long standing affiliate of ours.
Shadowlack - Wedged tightly between two genres (science fiction and fantasy) centered around anthropomorphic creatures.
Oedipal Complex - Wolf roleplay set in a fictional Canadian wilderness setting and only a touch of the supernatural.
Elliquiy - If you're looking to write 'adult' roleplay, this is the place.
Hubs and Portals
PbeM 2.0 - Classifieds section for PbP and related games.
The Simming League - Organize and discuss pbp games.