The Drunken Rat Tavern

The Drunken Rat Tavern stands across from the Ale Star Brothel on Main Street, directly overlooking the corner the road takes to head north and out of town. This location is a short stumble toward the center of the city and heavily trafficked.

The slightly shabby and rundown Tavern houses perhaps fifty patrons at the height of its night, just before midnight. Since Marn is very militaristic, the true late night patrons of the Drunken Rat are either quiet law-abiders or folks from out of town.

Made primarily from wood, the Drunken Rat is painted a faded green on the outside. There are two large windows in the front of the tavern, both to allow light in during the day and to allow the stink of ale, sweaty bodies, and heat out at night.

Along the north-west side of the building are rows of booths, and on the north-east is a stage. Various bards and actors play here to entertain the hard-working crowd. The bar, run by the bartender and his wife, is along the south-east wall, as are the storage areas. The waitresses enter and exit through a door on the north-east end of the bar, which leads to the kitchen. Lined up along the bar are several stools, often used by regular patrons. Between the bar and the booths at the back are arrayed several tables; round for parties consisting of eight to ten people, square for four to six, and smaller squares for couples out for a night on the town.

Decorations are sparse, although there are a few pictures spread on the walls. Mostly consisting of landmarks and notable buildings in Thar Shaddin, there are a few of worth. Most notably are a set of three pictures, one of a ship on the ocean at sunrise, one of the same ship in a storm, and one of the same ship again, heading into a sunset.

There is a small upstairs area with four rooms. Occasionally those rooms will be rented out, though most often they are used by staff in an exchange for less money in wages. The rooms are small, single bed affairs -- in most cases an inn would be more comfortable and better value.