Thar Shaddin

the Thar of Shaddin (simply 'Thar Shaddin' in the local dialect) is a 300 km² piece of land situated inside a desolate region known as the Sooqui Plain. The word thar is a local word used for any flat region of land delineated by natural boundaries such as a river, hills, mountains, or trees. There are several other thars on the Sooqui Plain (such as Fain and Keia) however Shaddin is the only one that is also essentially a country. Ruled by a government situated in the central city of Marn, Shaddin is not a well known or officially recognized country by the major empires, although the military in Marn can effectively defend the Shaddin from incursions.


The most noteworthy geographical feature in Thar Shaddin is a river known as the Ofriyu Mar which cuts the region in half vertically. The city of Marn is located on the Western shore of this river, while the small town of Shim is located several miles to the east. What few trees exist in Thar Shaddin are mainly located in the Virdara woods which lie between Marn and Shim.

The rest of the Sooqui plain around Thar Shaddin is barren grassland with little to break the monotony but low rolling hills and shrubs. This landscape only changes around the edges that define Shaddin as a Thar. Hills to the north, water and trees to the south, and a strange shield of jutting rock faces and cliffs to the east and west which are likely the result of faults beneath the surface.

The land of Thar Shaddin has been travelled by many people over the centuries. The northern trade route which cuts East and West through Shaddin (Marn is located directly on this road, which becomes Main Street) was once a vital artery for traders between the empires. Shortly after the creation of the city of Marn, trade along this route mysteriously dwindled to the slow trickle it is today. Many armies have also passed across this land en route to war, although major conflict between the East and West has not happened since Marn was established. Indeed, Marn was founded on the site of an ancient ruin, known as the fort of Marn, which served as an outpost for a forgotten people. So much travel across the land has left numerous weapons, relics and treasures to be discovered in the dirt, though few people think to look.