Virdara woods

between Marn and Shim sit a patch of dense foliage known as the Virdara Woods. The majority of these woods lie north of the road which connects Marn and Shim to the Northern Trade Route, which is now rarely used by anyone other than residents of Marn and Shim. The woods themselves are rarely traversed, and never alone. Even the brave members of the City Guard must patrol the haunted woods in groups. The forest stretches to the north and south along the Ofriyu Mar about four hours of walking on foot, while to the east and west it is only about two hours.

Many strange and frightening creatures make their home in these woods and it is for that reason that it is advised that you stay on the road and not travel it by night. Many people have gone missing while in the woods, few bodies have turned up and for those lucky enough to make it back to town after such an experience, they tell of both common bandits and gruesome monsters.