The Red Chalice

Owned by Fegrin Burlumnyr (NPC). Staffed by Orin (bartender, NPC),

The Red Chalice is a fairly well kept inn that is well used by the locals and various travelers. It is a wooden structure, somewhat unusual for the area, and boasts mostly wooden furniture. It features a full tavern/common room on the ground floor, with various rooms upstairs. The tavern typically has patrons. Burlumnyr is willing to pay bards for music, though he does not keep a steady entertainer. This inn is well known for being destroyed. Luckily, for its owner, it is popular enough that rather than shut down it has been rebuilt after each incident. The Guard have recommended on more than one occasion that Burlumnyr should just spend the money and pay a good team of masons to build himself a stone inn.

Its owner does not always work, and there are a few steady bartenders the local populace has gotten to know quite well. As well, there is a slightly less regular parade of barmaids, cooks and scullery maids (who are also expected to clean the rooms).