Justice Hall

Located near the center of Marn is a massive and imposing white marble structure officially called Justice Hall and colloquially known as The Hall. Two stories of unadorned solid white stone and capped with a flawless dome, the building follows a machine aesthetic of simple geometry. There are no windows and no designs or markings on the stone, which has become matte over time and stained brownish-green in places where moss has attempted to grow.

"Justice Hall"
Trials in justice hall seldom end well for the accused.

The architecture is particularly unique; the dome, arches, and angles of the structure reflect byzantine origins, but the building's flawless and austere facade leave the end result sterile and modern. When juxtaposed with the rest of Marn's largely medieval European flavor, Justice Hall appears alien and out of place. This no doubt enhances the mixture of fear and awe felt by most citizens regarding the strange structure.

Inside, Justice hall remains equally modern and efficient in design, though only a handful of people including the city Battlemages and judges, are able to venture freely within its confines. Prisoners who have been held in its magically sealed cells speak of electric lighting, spotless white walls, numbered rooms, an open altar used for torture and a courtroom inscribed with runic circles that thrum with power. A magical entity known as The Porter maintains a magical barrier that seals the building from prying eyes and escape attempts.