Guard Headquarters

The center of operations for the Marn City Guard is a small stone fortress located at a junction between the downtown, residential, and historic districts near the center of Marn.

Officially named Fort Omenbryn after the first Captain of the Marn City Guard, it is usually just called The Headquarters. In many ways The Headquarters is the center of Marnian religious ideology, and is more important to the people than the temple. After all, if The Headquarters is destroyed, who will defend the temple?

The outside of the headquarters looks like a simple European style fortress with tall stone walls joining 4 towers in a square. Parapets along the tops of the walls and towers provide cover for exceptionally trained Marnian archers, usually of elven origin. The land around it has been cleared, although unlike many fortresses it is built as a part of the city, rather than behind a moat or atop a hill.

Inside, The Headquarters appears more like a church than a military operation. Marble floors, the smell of candles and incense, and massive religious tapestries are the first things to greet those who enter the antechamber. Weapons storage, an infirmary and prison cells can be found on the ground floor while barracks are found upstairs.