Gnomish Power Plant


The Power Plant is a towering structure on the far side of the Industrial District. Along the Western shore of the Ofriyu Mar, the Plant generates electricity by a turning a large wheel placed in the water. Gnomish technology allows the plant to generate electricity through much of Marn, although the river runs too slow in this area to supply light and power to the entire city. When it rains heavily, the wheel turns faster and thus supplies more energy, brightening areas that are normally dimly lit and coincidentally staving off the darkness that accompanies storm clouds.

The plant itself is a hundred feet high, much of it thickly built stone in order to hold the turning wheel securely. The wheel is approximately seventy-five feet high, and dips below the river banks to touch the water. Various mechanisms, all gnomish in origin, allow a technician to lift and lower the wheel in various seasons to keep the power supply continuous. During what passes as winter months in Thar Shaddin, the river can flow quite quickly, and on one occasion actually tore the wheel from the tower itself. The wheel lift and mechanisms were recently built to keep this from happening again.

Inside the plant's thick stone walls is a mass of whirring belts and hissing pipes that require constant maintenance to keep operational. The energy it produces is of notoriously poor quality, and can give electrical lights throughout the city a flickering quality ironically similar to that of candles.