Craig Staleheart

The Marn City Guard and Battlemages.
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Craig Staleheart

Post by Fayane » Mon May 17, 2010 5:32 pm

Name: Craig Staleheart
Age: 40's (can't say for sure, and he won't say)
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 250 lbs

Physical Description:

People say that when Craig was younger, he was dashing with rugged good looks. The same can still be said... as long as you don't mind the multitude of scars covering his body. One sharp green eye peers at you even as its left counterpart stares glassily at you, a scar running vertically over the left side of his face explaining the blind eye. Black hair peppered with silver is as close cut as the mustache and beard. The standard issue armour covers his tanned skin and heavily muscled body. Tall and powerful, running into this man would be like running into a brick wall.


Craig own clothes, but mostly sticks to wearing the standard-issue armour that comes with being in the guard. Though the armour has been lovingly cared for you can still see numerous dents and scratches in the plates from his many battles with others, trainee or not.

Craig usually wields the guard-issued blade, but he also carries his prize possession with him at all times - Hawkseye, his two-handed bastard sword passed down to him from his father, who got it from his father, who had it forged a long time ago by a mysterious man who no-one knew. As far as Craig knows the sword has no magical attributes, but it does have one hell of a bite.

A gold ring:
No-one knows the story of the single golden band that hangs from a chain around Craig's neck, though it's said to belong to a woman who had captured his heart a long, long time ago.


Craig isn't naturally a cruel person - he just seems that way. He never lets up on his trainees and as such he weeds out all the weak links while keeping all the strong ones.

Most of Craig's weight isn't fat - hell people even wonder if there's an ounce of fat on the man. As such he has one hell of a bite. Craig's been known to lift well-built trainees with one hand and throw them a good couple of feet.

Thunderous Roar:
When Craig yells - you hear him. His voice is well known to bark orders and be heard in even the loudest of battles. Enemy's have compared his yell to a lions roar, his trainees disagree - they compare it to a roar of a dragon.


Age: Craig, although he fights this fact with everything he has, has gotten old. Pains in his joints make him slow on damp or cold mornings and nights, old scars tug at his skin and make it tricky and less than painful to move some days...

Blindside: Though he's trained and gotten used to being blind on his left side, it's still a weakness he'll never overcome. Craig can't see out of his left side and as such his left side has far many more scars than his right.

Though he's not supposed to, technically, Craig picks favourites out of his trainees. If he sees someone who's stronger than the rest he may turn the other cheek if he sees them doing something wrong; but if a weaker person were to do the same he'd thrash them for it.

Not much is known of Craig's past, only that he fought numerous wars, and how he was blinded (or at least the rumours of it). Some say he was born and raised in the mountains, others say he was raised by wolves. No-one knows for sure, all they know is that he's one mean sonofabitch and a kick-ass recruitment officer.
The time has come my friends, to sharpen our blades and wit, and to allow the ice of our fore-fathers to run through our veins. The time has come, my friends, for war.

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