Berne Merynir

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Berne Merynir

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Name: Berne Merynir
Age: 33
Race: Human
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185 lbs.

Physical Description: Berne is a frightening man who looks not just willing and capable of taking human life, but like a psychopath who enjoys exercising power.
His hair is short and dark brown, stylishly combed back. His eyes are vivid green and stare openly with abnormal energy, bulging from the rest of his chiseled face. His build is strong but thin enough to be quick, like that of a fighter. Exaggerated gestures and a generally tense air, combined with his consistently foul mood mean that Berne always has those around him careful to watch their guard.

Possessions: Berne lives in a large house on the north-east corner of the residential district, quite close to Justice Hall. He squanders his money on prostitutes and other indulgences, and so has little when it comes to material things.
He does, however, have access to the full array of weapons and armor available to city battlemages. The assortment of both magical and conventional weapons is unparalleled in the region, and much of what the battlemages have access to is secretly stored in the Justice Hall, away from prying eyes.

Powers or Strengths: Berne is physically fit, strong and fast, although he has neglected hand and weapons training because he has no need for such things. He is clever and reasonably intelligent, but his strength lies with his unrivaled gift for intense combat magic.

Crush: Berne can cause a sudden pressure to build up in an area with an approximate radius of between 1 and 5 feet (that's 10 feet diameter). Enough to crush a head or an entire man to death, depending on how much effort he puts into it. The pressure builds up slowly enough that it is not instant death, but it only takes a second to have the average man on the ground in agony. Continued effort can make the head, or chest, or limb explode. He must have eye contact to use this ability. Eventually he will tire and his effectiveness diminishes after about 5 uses, after which he needs an hour of rest.

Shield: A similar ability as above can be used to block most attacks. Berne can only defend himself, but not others, by compressing the air between himself and an oncoming threat. It is enough to completely stop a 30 pound hammer properly swung by the average man or slow down anything larger. He must see the attack coming, and tense up to block it, thus preventing further action on his part. Repeated use tires him out after 5 or 6 blows. He can also use this ability in a number of other ways to knock people over.

Blind: Berne can cause an opponent to be painfully blinded as if they were staring into a strong light. It takes little effort to do on his part, but only lasts as long as he can focus on maintaining the spell on a single opponent.

Melt: His most disturbing and surely his most corrupted ability, Berne can cause normal, non living objects to lose their structure and simply melt. From swords to armor to furniture, the objects droop and puddle as if they are melting. Most objects blacken under this influence and solidify again as soon as he stops.

Weaknesses: Berne has no real friends, only acquaintances who fear him and may try to humor him, often to avoid his wrath or gain his favor which can never be gained. He is psychopathic to the point of being unable to relate to anyone at all. His lack of social skills and empathy mean he will always be alone, though he may not care. It also means nobody trusts him, so he must resort to intimidation.

His complete adoption of magic in Thar Shaddin has tainted his soul permanently. His mildly anti-social but still human side has gone and he is now unknowingly a pawn to the source of the magical forces he wields. Berne is a doomed man. Powerful yet helpless.

Above all he must serve the orders of the Judges. He has signed a contract to obey them and if they decide to end his life, there is nothing he can do about it. The destruction of a piece of magical parchment, hidden in a secret vault inside Kaledin manor, means his immediate death.

History: Berne was the only child of Hassar and Eryna Merynir, a pair of devoted city council workers. As the Merynir name suggests, the roots of their family reach back to the First Settlers, and Berne is not the only one to carry the Merynir name although he has no immediate family.

As a child he was a mean spirited and cruel bully who frequently cheated on tests and in games. When he was 15 he murdered another boy in the woods one night in order to steal a necklace the boy had found in the ruins of the fort of Marn. Berne felt no remorse for the boy and was never caught for the deed, and a few months after the incident was able to wear the necklace in public. It was a simple tarnished silver disk on a superbly crafted chain of similar material. Dirty and not particularly noticeable, his parents and colleagues thought nothing of the necklace. Berne, however, knew differently. The necklace was a source of magical power that gave him the ability to feel the workings of the astral plane in the material world.

As the years passed his powers grew stronger, until eventually the judges took notice that the young man whose roots went right back to the first settlers was in fact a mage, and a powerful one at that. The judges seduced Berne into signing a contract to work as a battlemage by enticing him with promises of wealth and power. Once in their ranks, he established himself as one of the most powerful and feared enforces of the law in Marn.

Since being given a license to kill, Berne has ended several lives. He is well known in Marn for his temper and lifestyle of debauchery, optics which the Judges do not take kindly to. If Berne were not as powerful as he is, they would end his employment swiftly. As it stands, however, he is too valuable to the battlemages to be let go.