Daily Tattler Special Edition May 30, PW 122

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Daily Tattler Special Edition May 30, PW 122

Post by Metarie » Sun Dec 04, 2016 3:44 am

A Day of Mourning

by Darli Reshenka

The last few weeks has seen Marnians come together in heartfelt and heartbreaking ways. Neighbors have come together to care for each other.

The Vyaduka family are holding an open memorial on June 7th for Judge Khayyam Vyaduka, who passed away on the day of the bombings. Vyaduka is survived by his widow, Ivone Malatrast-Vyaduka; his son, Maalik Vyaduka, and his grandchildren, Jafar, Latifa, and Azuel Vyaduka. The latter two who received injuries during the bombings.

Judge Vyaduka was a former Guardsman and provided steady guidance in his role as a Judge for the continued growth of Marn. As part of the memorial, Judge Vyaduka's widow has a commissioned a rebuild of the Guardsman's statue in the Memorial Gardens and has also created a "Rebuild Marn" fund in Judge Khayyam's name.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations to the Rebuilding Marn fund be made in Judge Vyaduka's name.
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