Lotti Adalius (Hospital Inspector)

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Lotti Adalius (Hospital Inspector)

Post by Guile » Thu Dec 19, 2013 7:31 pm

Purpose: Hospital Inspector and personal assistant to Guile
Name: Lotti Smithson (synevive)
Gender: Female
Character details:
  • First-cousin of Camulous Smithson, the captain of the Guard and Metarie's romantic partner.
  • Lotti acts in Guile's place if he is unable to be somewhere.
  • Hates Metarie
  • Puradyne
  • Synevive
  • Human
Lotti, while more honest than Guile, was one of his many underlings. Her job was to write reports favoring Guile's perspectives and do regular hospital visits. Guile's visits themselves were rare. She was hard-lined and had been hired primarily because she did not like Dr. Sehkara. Her name was an omen to anyone who worked at the hospital.
Character ideas:
  • Explore her relationship with Cam?
  • Hates elves?
  • Can't have children?
  • Had a horrible accident as a child and knows Guile because he performed life-saving surgery?
  • Has weird affection for Guile?
  • Enjoys dog fights?

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Re: Lotti Adalius (Hospital Inspector)

Post by Metarie » Thu Dec 19, 2013 11:18 pm

And maybe she doens't hate elves, just Ree... for dating her cousin. :P
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