Omenbryn Loyalists

The Marn City Guard and Battlemages.
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Omenbryn Loyalists

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Braken Menil, Elf, Age 62

With blank, fishlike eyes and a face which has desperately clung to a bit of fat even through rigorous guard training, Braken is hardly a typical high fantasy elf. His ears are the only thing that names him elven at all; it is commonly theorized he has human ancestry, somewhere down the line.

He has brown hair worn somewhat long, is reasonably fit, and wears the black gloves of the Loyalists proudly. He is never seen without his medical supplies, carried in a white box strung to his belt. His weapon of choice is a standard issue mace, but he often dual wields it with a cruelly serrated knife. No one is sure where he got that knife, but he doesn’t like to talk about it.

His actions match his looks, as he tends towards cowardice when alone and blind submission when in a group. However, his useful medical knowledge makes him a favorite among the Loyalists, who often drag him along when they expect trouble. Though he despises doing so, he has an intuitive talent for turning his knowledge of anatomy to torture. He has tortured many times in his career, though only at the request of other Loyalists. As he justifies it by telling himself the others told him to do it, they tend to justify it by telling themselves that Braken is the one doing it.

He has a surprisingly evil looking grin which often results in people mistaking his motives and assuming the worst about him. The fact that he tends to grin in response to stressful situations does not help matters.

He joined the Loyalists a little under a decade ago at the suggestion of a friend. He also figured the pay raise would let him finally afford his own house and leave the guard barracks, which he never liked.

Reku “Toad” Shinga, Human, 26

A slim, short man with an ugly face and a happy grin, he’s not what one would expect of the mainstream guard. In the loyalists, he seems to fit right in. He has slick, unkempt dark hair and a lithe yet muscled appearance, along with ancestry from somewhere in northern Tian Xia.

He is ugly, and there is no dodging the fact. He has a wide, drawn out face, scratched up with tiny scars and strange little bumps. He has a weird, long nose and slim, beady eyes. His appearance gave him his nickname, Toad, which he has long since embraced. He even introduces himself by the Toad rather than his given name.

He’s good in a tight spot. The other Loyalists wonder how such a small man can take so much abuse, but he can. His thin, wiry build lets him bend around sword strikes in ways that seem almost inhuman, and he has a detailed comprehension of grabs, disarms and hand-to-hand which he uses to take people off guard. His weapon of choice is a thin, lightweight short sword.

He is a surprisingly moral-minded person, and tends to dodge personally performing unscrupulous activities with humor and wit. However, he also doesn’t stop other guards from doing whatever petty villainies they please. His morality likely stems from an idealistic belief in puradyne doctrine. Though there is no indication of family history with the religion, he visits the temple frequently to worship Teonidus.

He joined the Loyalists for better pay, and was eager to put his type of fighting talent to better use than as a big armored meat shield.

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