Lurus Beriadan

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Lurus Beriadan

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Name: Lurus Beriadan
Race: Elf
Age: 76
Height: 6'4"
Weight: ~185lbs

Physical Description:
Lurus is a shining example of what it means to be a Marnian elf in peak condition. He is tall and lean, built like an acrobat who tempers his strength with agility and finesse. His movements are always performed with conscious grace that projects both confidence and an even temperament.
Often hidden beneath his helmet, his hair is light brown and kept to a short length. His eyes are gentle and light blue, perched over high cheekbones and chiseled features. And, of course, his ears are elongated and pointed at their tips.

Being born a Marnian, Lurus is tolerant of mild racism from humans in the city. He has chosen to accept his place in Marnian society with dignity, knowing that Marn in his home and proud of the fact that he serves his people to his full capacity. For Lurus, as with many elves in Marn, it is a form of self-sacrifice to swallow his pride as an elf and accept that his people cursed with a propensity for magic.
Angering Lurus is extremely difficult to do. Criminals try to do it on a regular basis with all guardsmen, and Lurus has developed a thick skin to verbal and even physical assault. He has never raised a hand in anger to another person in as long as he can remember.
Completely dedicated to his duty, much like his close friend Captain Camulous Smithson, Lurus does not lie or cheat as a matter of personal honour. He exists to help anyone who needs it and to serve the people of Marn to the letter of the law.

Exceptional Archer: Lurus' ability with the bow and arrow can match the best archers in Marn and beyond. He can quickly adapt to using any size of bow, in nearly any condition, accounting for wind and altitude. He is able to hit a target of a foot in diameter from up to 400 meters away when using a bow of high elven quality. Additionally, he can redraw his bow and fire again in approximately 3 seconds without compromising his accuracy.

General Combat Training: No guardsman goes without training in both melee and grappling training. Lurus performs reasonably well in both of these domains, and can be said to be of intermediate skill. He can dispatch with untrained opponents with relative ease by using his innate dexterity to strike at vitals. More skilled opponents may be able to identify that this is not his preferred form of combat.

Well Educated: Lurus is well versed in Marnian history and law. He is generally well educated in the field of linguistics, able to speak the elven and human tongues fluently, with some general knowledge of many other languages including Tian Xianian, Gnomish and even Orcish.

Guardsman: All guardsmen are given high quality armor and equipment, and have a high degree of legal authority in Marn.

Abhors Magic: As a guardsman and a proud citizen of Marn, Lurus has abandoned all forms of magic and refuses to explore his own innate talents, if he has any. He would steadfastly decline any offer to learn about such matters, thinking them to be corrupt and immoral.

Identifiable: The shadier people of Marn know who Lurus is and he is easily identified as a guardsman by the locals. Any attempts to work undercover are likely to fail with him around.

Born in Marn, Lurus is a descendant of the synevives and his family name is familiar to most. He has led a commendable lifestyle, first attending the university for 4 years before eventually joining the Marn City Guard at the age of 30. Since then, he has gained the respect of his fellow guardsmen and many of the honest people of Marn.