Melagone [deceased May 18 122PW]

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Melagone [deceased May 18 122PW]

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Name: Melagone
Age: 142
Race: Elf
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 165 lbs.

Physical Description: Gaunt and pale, with dark rings around his eyes as though living on short sleep. Deep wrinkles crease his face in sparse, regular patterns - too few wrinkles to justify the depth of them. Long white hair hangs down to his shoulders in frayed strands. Both slender and lanky, with almost spindley limbs reminiscent of spider legs.


Battlemage Armour - Wears the ceremac and synthetic armour of the battlemagi, the plates simply refusing to yield to strikes and having high stopping power against attacks. The synthetic bodysuit is fireproof and highly resistant to thrusting weapons, although a strong cut could still breach it (although would need to land mid-thigh, inner arms, or up the sides, all difficult areas to hack at).

Battlestaff - A long staff of black wood reinforced with metal cheeks and bands. Near one end, the head, project several ivory spurs.


Academia - Is an extremely learned man, having pursued many forms of esetoric knowledge from both education and from the souls of long-dead scholars and philosophers. Never loses his hunger for knowledge so will often have information on a great many subjects.

Eldritch Attunement - Has a keen awareness of astral space, therefore knows most of the magic effects in his immediate presence. Any spells in effect nearby and he will know what they are and mostly what they do.


Necrosis - Causes the flesh to die gradually piece by piece, spreading across the body with concentration, enabling the victim to watch his body decay before his eyes. Effectively resembles a highly accelerated form of gangrene (as in you can see it spread across the body). Range is roughly 50 yards, and the curse is broken if the subject is out of that range or if Melagone's concentration is broken, although any damage done by the curse remains.

Speed of the decay varies depending on the victim, their health and general resistance. However, in most cases a limb can be made useless in less than a minute (yes, he can target specific body parts), and within 2 minutes the damage can be extensive enough to be eventually fatal, while it takes 3 minutes to kill most people. Extremely tough victims can take up to twice as long.

Fleshshiver - His fast attack spell. This causes the muscles of the body to contract so sharply the victim risks breaking joints or tearing ligaments and cartilege. Highly resistant targets can suffer merely great muscle soreness and fatigue from this, along with having their coordination ruined by the brief muscle contractions.

Last Words - Speaks with the dead and gets an honest answer. Requires access to the corpse, although communes with the spirit rather than making the body speak, so the corpse can be buried and still subject to questioning. While answers are compelled by the spirit, a soul can resist if the matter is important to it.

Summon Ghost - Summons a soul from the astral plane. Requires a sacrifice to clothe the spirit in flesh, either restrained and used for a forced possession or their flesh is ripped from their bones to make a new body for the spirit. When he does this he keeps the skeleton for power over the ghost.

Which souls he can and cannot summon tends to be vague, determined by rules which make little sense to anyone but Melagone, although older ghosts are easier to summon. Using this spell to ressurect the recently dead is unreliable at best.

Return to Hades - Banishes or Dispels a ghost or similar undead. Requires a contest of wills to destroy it, however, regardless of success or failure the process is traumatic and agonising for the ghost. In fact, he can simply inflict great pain and trauma at will if he is either in their presence or with an object which provides a magical link (a possession or body part).


Hunger for Knowledge - Nothing influences Melagone like the offer of new lore. Even if there is a significant chance he'll already know the information he will still be tempted and will not begrudge being taught information he is familiar with. Generally his fascination with any academic subject can be used against him.

Fear of the Divine - Is phobic of religious trappings. Any item which has religious significance attatched to it there and then will frighten him, causing him to recoil and generally avoid as much as possible (wont attack if he can help it). Will not enter a space he considers holy.

Doomed - As with every other battlemage, Melagone's loyalty to the city is enforced through extensive and very unpleasant methods.

Too Focused - Able to devote great attention to the task at hand, and thus very little to anything else. Can become remarkably unperceptive when focused on anything specific, suffering a form of tunnel vision.

History: (undecided yet)